December 7
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Static Farms

On annual basis we contact the farms and ask them to provide their updated information. We also provide a means for the farmers to update their information using our online tool called eTool.

The farmers who have asked for eTool can maintain their information and also maintain the picking condition or availability of their fruits. Using eTool they would be able to allow the visitors to see what fruits are available for picking. The visitors would see the fruit is "Available Now" for picking. This would save time for the farmers and the visitors as they need not verify the picking condition of produce by phone.

The following is an example of how availability of cherry would look on a farms that offers pick-your-own produce:

The farmers who have not been asked to be setup for this functionality they would see "static" beside their listing. The picking condition is also unknown and needs to be verified by calling the farm.

This is an example of a static farm where the fruit's availability is unknown:

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